help - can I get replacement chassis?

I have a final year project student working with a diddyborg red this year. He's got quite a sophisticated setup doing shape and colour recognition and voice control. These have both been tested independently using a standalone raspberry pi, but he's just tried to move it to the diddyborg so that he can get it to go one step further and actually sort the shapes (by pushing them about) and discovered that he's not getting a feed from the camera.
I said I'd take it home and have a look at it this weekend, and I've just tripped going up the stairs, dropped the robot, and broken the bottom plate on the chassis. Is there any chance I can get a replacement plate? Feeling like a right idiot now after a very long day.

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We may have some old stock of the original DiddyBorg Perspex available.

I will ask our packing team team to have a look and see if they have any. They are very busy as it is Black Friday, so it may take them a little while to respond.

Thank you so much!

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We have had a look and we do not have any of the panels still in stock :(

What we are going to do is cut you a new one, however if will be a few days as we need to get some more stock of the Perspex sheets so we can start cutting :)

Thanks, I really appreciate it. Let me know where to send contact details...

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If you can send a message using our contact form that would be easiest.

We will need your full address and a contact phone number to pass on to the courier.

Thanks, done.

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