Writing own Code for DiddyBorg V2


I have built and setup my DiddyBorg v2 and all of the example programs work fine, however when I write my own code in python, and run simple functions, I am getting 'Failed sending motors off command!', etc. Could someone shed some light on this issue please as I am using this as part of my A-Level coursework! I feel as though this is something to do with the fact that I am writing .py files, and executing them using sudo python filename.py in the terminal, as using IDLE throws up completely different errors.



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It might be hard to figure this out without seeing your code, but if I had to guess my first thought is that you have missed out the TB.Init() call before trying to set motor speeds.

This is a stripped down example which should do the minimum needed to setup the ThunderBorg and then command the motors to stop:

# Setup the library ready for use
import ThunderBorg                      # Load the library
TB = ThunderBorg.ThunderBorg()          # Create a board object
TB.Init()                               # Setup the board

# Now the motors should be controllable

Works perfectly now - silly me! Thanks for the super-quick help!

Out of interest, is running the code in Python 3 IDLE a no-go?


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IDLE should be fine, however the standard ThunderBorg.py script only works with Python 2.

You can get a Python 3 compatible version from this post: ThunderBorg script for Python 3.

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