Ultraborg 2x5v 1x3v power connection


I have an ultraborg connected to my raspberry pi 3. Everything is working fine and I am very happy with the ultraborg so far :)

I have connected all cables as described; this includes 2 cables to the 5v pins and 1 cable to the 3v pin of the PI.
The ultraborg is powered by a stable 5v source ( matek powerboard ), I unexpectedly noticed the Ultraborg is Powering the PI (!), I have not connected a powersource to the PI (usb) connector.

I want to power the PI from a separate power source and not from the Ultraborg. This makes development safer and easier.

I have read some of the forum posts here and I think I can just remove the 5v cables but i couldn't find a definitive answer.

Is this true? Can I remove all 3 power cables? or just both 5v cables? Is it possible at all? and why would we connect 3 power cables at all?

Your help and information is much appreciated!

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This is actually very easy, you just need to remove the 5V link jumper from the middle of the board.

With the jumper removed the 5V power connected to the UltraBorg will only be used by the servos and ultrasonic sensors. This will then allow you to power the Raspberry Pi separately with both of the 3-pin cables connected normally :)

Thank you for your answer.

Do you mean I just have to un-solder the center 5v connector?
Currently I have nothing attached to that connector, so does your fix still make sense then?
My feeling tells me this is not logical, but of course I might be missing something.

See the attached picture of my setup, just to be sure.

Thanks again.

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You do not need to unsolder the connector, you just need to pull off the plastic part away from the two pins. This can be done by hand with a small amount of force between a finger and thumb.

This plastic bit is called a jumper. It has a metal strip which connects the two pins to each other. When it is removed the two pins are disconnected.

I have attached an image below which shows what the connector looks like with the jumper fitted and with it removed. The boards are shipped with the jumper already fitted.


Great, the setup works as desired now! This was indeed an easy fix.

Thanks a lot for your help.

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