Wrong I²C ID

I had a perfectly working PicoBorgRev in my Diddyborg. Now I have the Problem that my Pi B+ doesn't recognise the PicoBorg although it is connected (I try to use it with the right bus number and and Address).

I get the following errors:
Loading PicoBorg Reverse on bus 1 address 44
Found a device at 44, but it is not a PicoBorg Reverse (ID 00 instead of 15)
PicoBorg Reverse was not found
Trying bus 0 instead
Loading PicoBorg Reverse on bus 0, address 44
Traceback (most recent call last):

and so on..

Does anyone have any idea why this is happening? I would love to see my DiddyBorg working again without buying a replacement part :)

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I have some good news for you, we saw this problem a while back and it turns out it is just a software problem :)

It can be fixed by either re-installing the PicoBorg Reverse and DiddyBorg examples, or by replacing the PicoBorgRev.py library with the latest copy.

See this post for full instructions on how to perform either of the fixes: PicoBorg Reverse library fix.

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