differences between picoborg reverse & thunderborg ??

Thunderborg has:
1. LED light
2. PWM controlled motor drivers
3. Wider input voltage range

Anything else I'm missing ?? :)

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The PicoBorg Reverse also has PWM controlled motor power, so that is not really a difference :)

The differences between them are:

  1. Bright RGB LED instead of a small red LED
  2. 7.0-35.0V input range instead of 6-25V
  3. DC/DC which generates the 5V to power the Raspberry Pi
  4. Battery voltage monitoring (LED can be set to indicate the current voltage)
  5. Can be mounted to most Raspberry Pis without needing cables
  6. Slightly larger size, 64 mm long rather than 48 mm

The library for controlling the ThunderBorg is almost the same as the PicoBorg Reverse library as well. This means if you have any existing PicoBorg Reverse examples they are fairly easy to convert to work with ThunderBorg instead.

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