DiddyBorgV2 and MeArmClaw


I would like to install a MeArmClaw on the Diddyborg. I've seen the programm.
Question: is it possible to hook the over an ultraborg in line with the motor control and 1 Raspi/Joystick. I' m not able to see how it works in the description.

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You can connect the UltraBorg to the ThunderBorg using the daisy-chain connector, this will allow both the

You will either need a BattBorg or UBEC to power the UltraBorg / servos as the ThunderBorg cannot supply enough 5V power for both the Raspberry Pi and all four servos at once.

This is how you would connect everything up:

Swap the BattBorg for the UBEC connections if using a UBEC instead.

Make sure you remove the 5V link on the UltraBorg to keep the servo power separate from the Raspberry Pi power:

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