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I'm using the DiddyBorg web UI (the one without PiCam code). If I understand correctly, it creates a local server to which you can connect by knowing RPi's local IP adress. I'm building a project, where I'm trying to stream a USB camera over the Raspberry using the free version of VirtualHere while simultanously using the DiddyBorg control panel. This software, like the diddyborg code, also creates a server on the raspberry pi and by installing a client on a sepparate machine, you can use the Pi as a bridge connecting the USB camera with, for example, a PC. It is like "Pluging" the USB device (in this case, a camera) in a remote machine.

I was wondering do these two servers constrict since the code and the VirtaulHere both create a localhost server? By that I mean, in both cases you connect via localhost.

Would I be able to get it to work just by assigning different ports?

Is it also possible that it would work side by side?

At this time I am unable to test it out and I'm still trying to grasp this so forgive any lack of knowledge and terminology:)

Thanks for the reply!


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I have not used VirtualHere, but from a quick read it should happily co-exist with the WebUI as long as both programs are using different ports.

I would try running both and see if they work together as-is. If not it is likely that changing the port number for WebUI will get them both to play nicely :)

Thanks for the reply! I'll get back to you with updates.


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