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Thank you for the TroPi board in my goodies bag from the FenJam yesterday. Unfortunately I can find no details on the website regarding pinouts used on the board, or software libraries necessary to communicate with it. The relevant page refers to "Click the "Related Articles" tab below for getting started guides, build instructions, code examples and more." but I can't see any Related Articles tab anywhere.
(not sure what category to use, so put it in accessories)

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The good news is that we have the code for TroPi up on GitHub:

We are still writing the instructions, they should be up either later today or sometime tomorrow. In the meantime you can have a go with the examples and see what they do :)

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There is now a getting started page available on the PiBorg website: Getting started with TroPi

Thanks. All installed and working well.

Just published a project to drive the Pibord TroPi board from Sonic Pi running on a Pi3

video is here with links to the code in the description.

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