Two XLoBorgs


I would like to run two XLoBorgs from the same Pi, one to be fixed to Diddy and the other fixed to a camera which rotates 360 degrees. Presumably I will need to change the i2c address on one of them?

I'm assuming that I can connect the one to be mounted on the camera to flexible leads, how many of the pins on the XLoBorg are used?


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Unfortunately XLoBorg is one of the few boards we have that you cannot change the I2C address. This means you cannot connect two XLoBorgs to a single Pi at the same time :(

It is possible to connect an XLoBorg using cables though. The pins it needs are:

  1. 3V3
  2. SDA
  3. SCL
  4. Any GND

Ok, thanks. It'll have to plan B then :-)

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