Monster Borg Alternative Top


Are there alternative tops for the Monster Borg? I'd like to add one so that I can have other sensors, etc. Could I use the DiddyBorg V2 multifunction top?


Kenny Walker

piborg's picture

We do not have any pre-made tops for the MonsterBorg unfortunately.

The MonsterBorg does have four mounting posts on the top which are usually used for the lid which is attached on top. These could be used for mounting sensors directly where a single screw is required (such as our ultrasonic mount kit).

Alternatively you could add a panel which screws into the four holes on the top of the MonsterBorg and has all of the mounting holes you need added. This would also allow you to have somewhere to mount extra electronics to :)

Be aware that mounting anything on the top of the MonsterBorg will mean that it cannot drive upside-down anymore.

Sadly the DiddyBorg V2 tops are not compatible with the MonsterBorg as it does not have the correct mounting holes for them :(

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