My diddyborg drove off a table.

Not actually my diddyborg but one I have invested a lot of time and effort into. Up until last night, this specific robot was internet controllable and asked one of my coworkers if they could be put on their desk and then immediately proceeded to drive off. It cracked the middle plastic sheet in half. Is it possible to buy a new piece to replace it, or is its shape available for download to cut with a laser cutter?

It's the v2 robot in purple.

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I am sorry to hear that this DiddyBorg got damaged. I know how it feels having driven one of our prototypes off a table by accident when testing the controls were working... :(

We do sell replacement Perspex sheets for the DiddyBorg V2, you can find them here:

Yes, please let us know if file is available for download. I would like to use a laser cutter or 3D printer.

Thank you for the link! I've already put in an order, but we need it by tuesday, hence a schematic or something to laser cut or 3D print.

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We do not have any diagrams / drawings available for the DiddyBorg parts unfortunately.

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