Remote controlled robot

I'm hoping to build a robot car that I could control over 4G network and that would have also GPS, speaker, screen, microphone and camera.

Any thoughts on what would be the best way to accomplish this? I saw in the video for Monsterborg that remote controlling anywhere in the world was mentioned. How do you accomplish this?

I'm currently thinking of potentially getting e.g. a DiddyBorg and then attaching my android phone to it, tethering a hotspot for the device. However, on someone had asked something similar, but the answer wasn't quite sure if it's possible. I think e.g. could be perhaps worth a try.

Any advice on this? :-)

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It seems like you have done the detective work and found the answers on your own :)

As a summary of my thoughts:

  • The Web UI is available for our robots on GitHub.
  • When we were controlling the robots from "anywhere in the world" the MonsterBorg itself was wirelessly connected to a router with an internet connection and port forwarding enabled.
  • You may need to change the port number in the script (and the url) to get the port forwarding to work.
  • Android can be setup to do the port forwarding with root access as described in the answer you linked on Stack Exchange.
  • Even with the phone setup correctly you phone carrier / provider may have a firewall in place which blocks remote connections :(

I think it is worth having a go.

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