ZeroBorg - which Motor for Mecanum Wheels

Heja there,

which motor type would fit better for a mecanum driven borg like you've done with your own. Any parts list there?

Would the 100rpm fits well or is a stepper motor better suited?

Would be cool if you also can include mecanums in your shop so we can order all in one :D

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The 100 RPM motor you have linked will work well with Mecanum wheels :)

You will need independent control of all four motors to make use of the Mecanum wheels in a four wheel robot. A ZeroBorg will be able to do this, however it has a maximum supply voltage of 10.8V, which means you will not be able to get the full speed from the motors.

We use the ZeroBorg with four of these motors in our YetiBorg v2 kit and it works well. All you would need to do is change the normal wheels for Mecanum wheels instead.

Great thank you.

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