Servo Max Min values sometimes return as 65535



Sometimes I read a maximum or minimum value and the value is 65535 (-1 ?) . I read it again and then it gives the correct value .

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Is this using the GetServoMinimumX and GetServoMaximumX functions from the library?

No I am using windows IOT and C# . Here is the method I am using. Sometimes it works correctly other times it returns the same value for Max, MIN and Start, it usually is the Start value which is returned 3 times. It does not happen all the time thought . The 65535 value seems to be returned randomly . When I compile my code in debug mode it works correctly , however when I compile it in release mode the start value is returned for start,min and max. Could it be a timing issue ? Or maybe because I am using the Lightning driver for IOT rather than the inbox driver ? Here is the code I use to read the value

        private int GetIntegerValue(byte commandValue)
            byte[] recvBytes = new byte[I2C_MAX_LEN];
            byte[] sendBytes = new byte[] { commandValue };


            int minVal = ((int)recvBytes[1] << 8) + (int)recvBytes[2];
            return minVal;


Please ignore above issues. I have switched to using the inbox controller driver on IOT rather than the lightning memory mapped driver and the problems are resolved. Apologies for raising non existent issue.

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That is good news, these problems can be difficult to find :)

Thanks for letting us know what the solution is. I will make a note of this in case anyone else asks about using our boards with Windows IoT.

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