Issue with daisy-chained ThunderBorg


I have 2 thunderborgs, that each power 2 windscreen wiper motors. Each thunderborg has it's own power source - a 12v mobility scooter battery each. So 4 motors powered by 2 thunderborgs. The TBs each have a unique address and are both recognised by the supplied demo code ok.

The problem is that all 4 motors stall immediately. But when I remove 1 TB, so I have have just 1 TB powering 2 motors, it works absolutely fine.

Is there something different I have to do with the wiring to enable each TB to be driven by it's own power source?


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It sounds like the communications failsafe might be triggering and causing the motors to stop.

Try adding this command for both boards after you have set them up:


If the script has a section like this:

# Ensure the communications failsafe has been enabled!
failsafe = False
for i in range(5):
    failsafe = TB.GetCommsFailsafe()
    if failsafe:
if not failsafe:
    print 'Board %02X failed to report in failsafe mode!' % (TB.i2cAddress)

you should also comment it out.

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