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Will "BattBorg - Pi Battery Power Board PCB Only (Soldered)" work on a Raspberry PI 4?

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We have tested using BattBorg with the Pi 4 and it works fine for powering the board and a couple of low-power devices, such as a keyboard and mouse.

There is a limitation though, the 5V supply does not fully meet the Pi 4's 2.5A specification. If you plan to attach more devices to the GPIO or USB it may not have enough power to supply them all properly. Power hungry devices, such as wireless dongles, may also cause problems.

Thanks for the reply. Do you have any other suggestions or products for powering a Pi 4 with batteries? I plan on having a handful of devices connected to the Pi, so I want it to have enough power.

I have just upgraded my DiddyBorg (version 1) with a new brain, a Pi 4B which has replaced a Pi 3B. There a number of power hungry accessories running, particularly 2 cameras, a Pi camera and a web camera, 2 UltraBorgs powering servos and ultrasonic sensors. It is powered by 2 battery packs, one for the Pi and one for the motors driving the wheels. There are 3 BattBorgs supplying 5v, 2 of them are connected together in parallel to power the Pi 4 and the PicoBorgReverse and the other one powers the Ultraborg with the servos.
I was a little concerned that this might still not be enough for the upgrade from Pi 3 to Pi 4 but everything seems to be working on the first trial this very evening.
I have ordered another couple of BattBorgs for another project but if it turns out that Diddy does need more amps then I'll add another one to Diddy.

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