Short circuit ?

Heeeeeeelp! I'm making a robot using a RPi3 and a PicoBorg Reverse. I'm using a USB 'Powerpack' to power the Pi and 6 x AA rechargeable batteries to power the motors via the Reverse. The problem I'm having is that every time I switch on the power to the motors (the battery holder has a switch) they behave as if they've been short circuited.

My last battery holder started smoking and literally melted! I initially blamed the problem was a poor quality battery holder coupled with old batteries, but I was wrong. I replaced the batteries and holder and still get the same problem. By now I suspect the problem way be a short on the PicoBorg Reverse. Can someone suggest how I can test the power-in part of the Reverse to see if that's where the issue is? I'm not very good with electronics so please keep it simple!



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That does sound like a short circuit somewhere :(

If you could answer a few questions it will help us narrow down what needs to be checked:

  1. How are the batteries and motors wired to the PicoBorg Reverse? Photos or a diagram might help.
  2. Is the PicoBorg Reverse fitted to a metal plate / frame?
  3. Can you attach some photos of the PicoBorg Reverse itself (both sides)?
  4. Have you checked that all the batteries are fitted the correct way around?
  5. Do you have a multimeter available?
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