Thunderborg is not working

When I power up my thunderborg with the lid (using a 12-volt aa battery holder) and connect it onto my pi, the light sequence works, however whenever I attempt to run the motor GUI, the raspberry pi crashes and everything reboots. Futhermore, when I try to run the motor or LED GUI, the thunderborg becomes unresponsive and nothing works. Could you please help me understand the problem? This has happened with two thunderborgs I have purchased.
Many thanks.

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This kind of Pi crash / restart is usually caused because the batteries cannot supply enough power to both the motors and the Pi at the same time. This results in the Pi not getting enough power to run.

The first thing to do is fully recharge your batteries and see if that solves the problem. If the batteries are getting low on charge they deliver less power.

If you are using non-rechargeable batteries, then I suggest you get some rechargeables instead. We have found that non-rechargeables are often not capable of meeting the current (amps) needs of our robot kits. We use GP 2600 ReCyko+ and they work very well.

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