Battery level

Can I somehow get battery level from the Picoborg Reverse so I can show it on the WebUI?

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Unfortunately the PicoBorg Reverse does not have any way of measuring the battery. This is one of the benefits of our newer ThunderBorg controller.

I thought you might say that!

Can I use Thunderborg in same was as I use PicoBorg Reverse currently e.g. I power Pi using PiJuice and I power the Reverse using separate power source?

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Yes you can. All you would need to do is leave the two 5V pins on the 6-pin connector disconnected so that the ThunderBorg does not try and power the Raspberry Pi as well. The 3V3 and GND connections are still required.

Thanks for that, might be worth putting that information on website instructions - unless it is and I missed it.

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