Control Monsterborg from Remote computer

I have ran my monsterborg with an XBOX controller attached to the monsterborg itself and a XBOX wireless adapter (with some help from the forum, thank you!). I have also used MonsterWeb to control the monsterborg from a laptop on the same network. Is there a way or a program already written that I could use the XBOX connected to the laptop on the network and control the Monsterborg and see the Pi camera on the laptop screen? I saw some older posts using pygame, but did not think they were current.

Thank You

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We do not have a script available that does this unfortunately.

In theory you could extend the WebUI to do this, but you would have to be able to detect the controller inputs in Javascript to do it.

The closest we have is the /hold mode in the WebUI, which was recently extended by another user to accept keyboard inputs. This could be used with a program like JoyToKey to control the MonsterBorg, but it would be more "clunky" to control than what you have been using so far.

Thank you for the feedback. Maybe there is a better way to do what I want. My final goal would be to have long range control (300 ft +) control of a monsterborg, with video. We live in a 23 acre woods I would like to eventually have remote "missions" we could perform with our monsterborg. As I conceptually look at it would be a hand held controller (Joysticks) that transmits to the Pi on the monsterborg, then a separate long range video feed. Any thoughts?

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That is a long distance :)

At those ranges WiFi is going to start struggling, you may need some repeaters or similar to get the required distance.

It looks like it would be possible to extend the WebUI to accept joystick inputs as there is a Gamepad API that could be used, however it would take a bit of effort to get it working as intended.

Alternatively the style of RF controllers used in RC cars and planes should easily make the distance for a direct connection. The problem is interfacing the receiver to a Raspberry Pi. I have seen a lot of people talking about it, but I am not sure if anyone has managed it so far.

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