Thunderborg reversible controller Pi Hut wireless blue game pad

I am building a Thunderborg reversible controller and Raspberry Pi zero on to a Devastator tank chassis controlled by a Pi Hut wireless blue game pad. Power is by 10.8v wreless drill battery for the thunderborg and an iPhone power bank for the Raspberry Pi zero.
Sop far the build is easy, but I am unable to combine the software for the controllers and the RPi. I can use either Python 2 or 3. When I do a check on some of the software I find syntax errors.
I am 86 years old and have come back to electronics to give me something to do while I care for my wife with Alzheimer's. I have successfully built the Devastator and Zumo robots, both autonomous, using Chris Barnatt's explaining computers programs.
However my new project is proving a bit difficult. I need an idiot's step by step guide for the Thunderborg project, can anyone help?

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I would suggest giving our Gamepad library a try. There is an example script which is intended for use with ThunderBorg and any Raspberry Pi compatible gamepad.

Installing the library is nice and easy:

cd ~
git clone

As the controller you are using is not already included you will need to set that up in the script. There are instructions for how to do this on our Gamepad library instructions page. Scroll down to the "Setting up your own controllers" section.

When you have your gamepad setup and working it would be great if you could share the settings, then we can add them for everyone to use.

If you need any help getting going just let us know :)

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