Borg as kids transporter

Hi, I want to build a car that my kids (17kg and 12kg) can sit on and drive around in the apartment. I don't need speed (walking speed is more than enough), but a robust chassis that allows the two of them to sit on top. The robot will need some obstacle-detection capabilities so that it avoids bumping into furniture. I am savvy on the programming side, but newbie with the hardware and wonder which PiBorg is probably the best basis for such an experiment. Any help highly appreciated! Thank you, Ingo

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I am not sure any of our robots are strong enough to drive around with a 17 Kg. We have driven MonsterBorg around with about 5 Kg without any trouble, but no harsh weight testing.

MonsterBorg is fairly sturdy and could probably take the weight, however the motors may not have enough torque to drive properly. This would be the best bet.

DiddyBorg v2 would probably have issues with the L shaped brackets that attach the motors on. While the main chassis is fairly rigid, the brackets are small and have a 90 degree bend that has to cope with 1/6 of the weight each. I suspect the brackets would simply bend with that much weight, causing the the motors to drag on the floor.

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