Connecting a (non official) PS3 controller


I've been trying (and failing) to connect a PS3 controller to a pi3b+ running Buster. Firstly I can see the controller in the Raspberry Pi Bluetooth connect menu (yay) but when I click it, it asks me to enter a 6 digit code on my controller (which may be a problem....)




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Unfortunately this can be rather tricky depending on the exact controller.

Generally I have found that things work out better using the terminal instead of the GUI. I usually follow this process: - the Jessie instructions apply for use with Buster.

What I usually find is that the connect ... stage is where things start being difficult. You will probably have to try it several times before it actually makes the connection. Keep an eye on the controller, it may stop trying to sync before you have connected.

Ok. I’ll persist with that!

Thanks :)

Failing that I assume one of the controllers with a usb dongle (like the one from Pi Hut) will just “work” ?

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Yes, every controller with its own dongle that I have tried has worked fine. Some do need to be paired, but it is usually very simple or even automatic :)

If you are using our scripts / examples you will need to setup the correct button / joystick numbers for the controller. This is easiest to do if you are using our new Gamepad Library.

Weird? I’m seeing the MAC of the controller instead of the word Bluetooth when the controller is looking for something to pair with...

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I have not seen that before...

Try trust 00:26:5C:01:4A90 and see what happens.

It says "trust succeeded" but it hasn't connected. It still flashes all the LEDs on the controller and doesn't recognise it... There's nothing in the /dev/input/ related to a joypad either...

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It is possible everything is setup, but something is in an odd state.

Try a completely clean start as follows:

  1. Shut the Pi down completely
  2. Wait until the controller turns itself off
  3. Power up the Pi
  4. Wait until it has finished loading
  5. Try turning the controller on without doing anything else

If that does not work you might need to repeat the terminal instructions.

That didn't work. I'm going to get on rebuilding the 'bot and grab myself a pi hut controller. Or maybe one of the sweet 8Bit Do ones from Pimoroni. Thanks a lot for your help!

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