PicoborgReverse and BattBorg: adding servo functionality

Hi there!

I am a long time user of a PicoBorg Reverse and BattBorg. I constructed a mobile robot which uses those two PCBs and a Raspberry Pi 3 to control 4 DC motors through your WebUI. Until now, I've used the ServoBlaster library which enables me to control two aditional servos on my robot (PAN/TILT stuff) through software generated PWM that the ServoBlaster drivers provide.

Up until recently, I was satisfied with the simple servo control. However, for a more serious project I need a more stable and precise two-servo control. I was hoping I could easily upgrade my setup. It is been a few years since I've posted here and used your stuff, so what I want to know is were there any upgrades since then on controling DC motors and Servo motors from one Raspberry Pi at the same time? Does maybe UltraBorg PCB offer that? My SDA and SCL lines are already used up for the Reverse.

Power supply for the servos is not an issue, since I use a high capacity battery that provides the same voltage for both the Raspberry (well, trough BattBorg on this side) and the servos. So that is sorted.

What could I use to from your products that could help me upgrade my robot, apart from implementing Arduino?

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Adding an UltraBorg to your setup would give you the extra control you need :)

Both the UltraBorg and PicoBorg Reverse are designed so that they can share the I2C lines from a single Raspberry Pi. This works by connecting one of the boards to the other's daisy-chain connector. As you also have a BattBorg I would suggest the following connections:

  1. Raspberry Pi to UltraBorg
  2. UltraBorg daisy-chain to PicoBorg Reverse
  3. BattBorg fitted to PicoBorg Reverse daisy-chain
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