Drive your MonsterBorg from a smart phone or web browser

I can't connect with smartphone or other device to drive the Monsterborg.

I'm on the same Wifi network, I put the IP address of the Monsterborg as url to connect with smartphone.

I made following point:
Run at startup

Open /etc/rc.local to make an addition using: sudo nano /etc/rc.local Then add this line just above the exit 0 line: sudo /home/pi/monsterborg/ & Finally press CTRL+O, ENTER to save the file followed by CTRL+X to exit nano. Next time you power up the Raspberry Pi it should start the script for you :)

I can't reach the url or website (webapp) to drive Monsterborg.

Thanks for helping me.

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It sounds like the script has failed to start for some reason.

What result do you get when you run this in the terminal:

sudo /home/pi/monsterborg/

Hi... I tried to control the MonsterBorg using the web APP by running the same code. I can control the robot in ease, but I'm not getting the video output. I did also try opening it in different web browsers, but it had the same issue. And also http://ip_address/cam.jpg doesn't work, it results in "Page Not found error".
Please help.

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That is not a problem we have seen before, usually a "Page Not found error" means the script failed to run entirely.

What output do you see on the terminal when you try to open the http://ip_address/cam.jpg page?

I did try again but facing the same error.
Also not getting video stream on the web app.
I have attached the screenshots, please have a look.

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The only possibility here is that the script is not getting camera images from the capture_sequence call on the PiCamera object. I would normally expect some kind of error message setting the camera up in this case.

  1. Can you check the camera is working?
    The command raspistill -w 240 -h 192 -o check.jpg should create an image file if everything is working,
  2. Have you changed any of the settings in the script?

Thanks for your reply,
- I checked the camera status using the command u sent me and it works perfect.
I was able to save a jpg image on my desktop. (screenshot attached below )

- No, I didn't make any changes to the code.

And These are directories used.
To run:
(1. /home/pi/monsterborg/examples/

Where thunderborg is saved:
(2. /home/pi/thunderborg/examples/files)

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It seems like the PiCamera module is probably having problems.

The first thing I would try is setting the resolution to a more standard size in the script:

imageWidth = 640   # Width of the captured image in pixels
imageHeight = 480  # Height of the captured image in pixels

If that does not help try updating the software on your Raspberry Pi:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo reboot

Hi, I spent a little time getting a new camera module & another RPi 4, and tested it. I did everything perfect as per the instructions, but still, I'm not able to get the video on the Web App.
I tried in two different RPi ( 3 & 4) and also with two different camera modules(NOIR & normal), both gave me the same result.

I tried to change the resolution as instructed, but still no improvement at all!

I can actually get a video stream on my web page using a different app.
But I want both control and video feedback on the same page, sadly which is not happening :(
Checked in both Android & IOS devices & in various web browsers.

For Reference:
I'm using
- RPi 4 (2GB)
- another spare RPi 3B+
- Raspberry Pi Camera Module V2 (8MP)
It's capable of 3280 x 2464 pixel static images, and also supports 1080p30, 720p60 and 640x480p90 video.
- Raspberry Pi Camera NOIR Module V2 (8MP)

Latest Raspberry Pi OS
Version: May 2020
Release date:2020-05-27
Kernel version:4.19

I have also attached the code that I'm using.

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It looks like you have an older version of the script which is missing a bugfix for compatibility with newer versions of Raspbian.

The following lines need to be updated.


if sendFrame != None:


if sendFrame is not None:


if captureFrame != None:


if captureFrame is not None:

Hi Thank you very much,
now I'm able to get the video output in my browser.

Yes, I think I have wrongly downloaded the old version of the code,
for some reason after downloading the code zip file using this command:
bash <(curl
I was not able to open or run that file.

So I had to create my own file and download the code from PiBorg forum.

If possible, could you please send me the new version of code for both MonsterBorg & ThunderBorg.

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Glad to hear it is now working :)

These links have the latest scripts.

ThunderBorg code:

MonsterBorg code:


Thanks for the solution.
It's working again.

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