RockyBorg servo alignment

I am building the RockyBorg and working through the servo alignment.

Step 13: Fitting and calibrating the servo truck. The step says to rotate the servo to its maximum rotation left and right. The motor I have rotates 360 and does not max out. Did I miss a step or is there a gap in the instructions.

Could not find a forum for RockyBorg so posted here.

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It seems that some of the servos used in the RockyBorg kits are able to rotate beyond their end-point. This is not a big problem, it simply means you may need to re-align the truck once the RockyBorg is fully assembled.

Continue the assembly, but leave out the centre screw holding the truck to the servo.

Once assembled try to align the servo using the calibration software:

If the truck cannot move to the fully left or fully right position as shown you can reposition it as described in step 13, but using the slider on the GUI to move the servo instead. Once the RockyBorg is correctly calibrated fit the centre screw to hold the truck in place.

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