Raspberry Pi 4 - Model B compatibility

I across the note below from https://www.piborg.org/robots-1/monsterborg:

"Raspberry Pi 4 - Model B compatibility:
We have tested MonsterBorg with the Pi 4 and it works fine, however the 5V supply does not fully meet the Pi 4's 2.5A specification."

I was wondering if there is a way around this, any thought would be much appreciated.


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If you do need more power / current for the 5V powering a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B, you will need to add a separate 5V supply which is capable of the full 2.5A or more. This could either be a 5V regulator which is connected to the same batteries, or it could be an entirely separate power source.

This new 5V supply can power the Raspberry Pi directly via the USB-C connector.

Alternatively it can be connected to 5V and GND pins on the ThunderBorg's daisy-chain connector (the yellow bordered pins below).

In both cases you will need to mount the new supply somewhere. There is a small amount of room underneath either side of the board, this may be enough for a small 5V regulator.

Alternatively you could mount it to the top of the MonsterBorg instead of the plate with our logo on it :)

If you are using a regulator you can connect it to the battery using V+ and GND screw terminals on the ThunderBorg. This will mean that the regulator is only powered when the power switch is in the on position.

As noted on the store page, MonsterBorg works fine every time we have tested it as-is using a Raspberry Pi 4 Model B (we have a few setup like this). I suspect the 2.5A specification is to allow for devices connected to the USB drawing extra power.

really appreaciate it, thanks

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