A Sad Day :-(

I've had my friend and companion "Diddy" for five years now. He's progressed from an original DiddyBorg V1, bought as a special birthday present, to an intelligent (although frustrating) member of the family. Loved by my grandchildren, equipped with eyes and ears, headlamps and a Lidar he has been roaming around the house, talking to us in his espeak voice as he tries to find the picture of the duck or snake hidden in the kitchen, scratching the furniture as the avoidance routines fail to react quickly enough.

Today he drove off the sideboard and crashed to the floor, a height of 900mm. I hold my hand up, it was my fault, I forgot to switch the motor batteries off before running a software test.

PiBorg, is there any chance that you have a spare Perspex base plate for a DiddyBorg V1? I'm afraid he broke his spine in the fall. If not I will see if I can use the top plate which has been kept safe in a cupboard since I removed it a long time ago.

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That is sad news :(

I know how you feel, I actually broke one of our prototypes in much the same way. I was testing some new code on the workbench and forgot to put stands under the motors first. It drove of as soon as I turned the controller on...

There is a chance that we still have a spare base plate somewhere, but I cannot say for sure. I will have a look around tomorrow and see what I can find :)

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We had a proper hunt through the office and stock room, unfortunately we could not find any base plates :(

Ironically we did find a couple of spare top plates, just no base plates.

Thanks very much for looking. I've just spent the entire afternoon dismantling Diddy, after 5 years of ad hoc additions it has been more like pathology than engineering.

The top plate I have will be fine, I'll just need to drill a few more holes using the broken base plate as a template. Diddy will live again!

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