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I am desperately trying to get the UltraBorg to work on a new version of Raspbian Buster RPi3.
I have located the UltraBorg3.py file but the ubTuningGUI (and others) are dated (modules missing etc) I have been trying to update the tuning program to use tix or ttk as Tix is no longer supported, but I am not an experienced programmer and have not been successful.

I am using Python3.

I originally bought a MonsterBorg Chassis and ThunderBorg Motor Driver Board and later an UltraBorg Servo / Distance Sensor Board for PiWars 2018. We are now re-using the chassis for PiWars 2021 and I have fitted a Nerf Launcher which relies on Servos to load and aim, but now need to update everything so I can set min an max servo settings.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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No problem, the changes are largely due to modules being renamed slightly :)

I have attached the updated GUI examples as a zip file and listed what the changes are below.

1. Import the new module name for Tix instead:

from tkinter import tix

2. Remove the old Tix check line:

self.tk.call('package', 'require', 'Tix')

3. Change the Tk initialisation line from:

Tkinter.Tk.__init__(self, parent)


tix.Tk.__init__(self, parent)

4. Rename Tkinter to tkinter and Tix to tix anywhere they are used.

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