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Hi, what Would I need to delete in order to have the Diddyweb ui working without the video stream.
And would it be possible to run this with a video feed through the composite jack.

I feel I could get better /faster video transmitted over a RC video transmitter but still have remote control via the web UI buttons.


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There is a copy of the diddyWeb.py script with the camera code commented out in this thread: DiddyBorg Web UI
The script is old, there are some updates described further down the thread that may be needed.

You should be able to output the camera video directly to the monitor output using the raspistill command in preview mode with a very large timeout: https://www.raspberrypi.org/documentation/raspbian/applications/camera.md

You can edit /boot/config.txt to get the Raspberry Pi to output on the composite connector instead of the HDMI: https://mlagerberg.gitbooks.io/raspberry-pi/content/3.5-analog-video-out...

Thanks, I've got both working. To get both running on start up would it be better to have separate files and add each to crontab or could I add the camera preview script to the top Web UI and run this as one ?

Thanks again.

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Either would work fine, but I would personally start them separately from crontab.

I copied a script from Picamera Read the Docs which creates an overlay on the preview.


Everything works great until it times out and an error message is generated. Could you explain why its being generated and how to resolve it. I've attached my script a the error message.
Many thanks

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This should be easy to fix, it looks like a typo :)

The line which is failing is:


Instead of 0 it should be give the value returned by the camera.add_overlay command, which is stored in o. This means the line should be:


Thank you all sorted.

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