Specifications for additional hardware...

Is there any specification for the additional hardware? E.g. the resolution of the incremental encoders (or is this specified when using the libraries?).

The possibility to use brushless motors would be greatly appreciated.
Also the inclusion of the ability to use the I2C bus through a device driver would be appreciated. Otherwise the I2C bus is blocked for further use and since you haven't included any ADC's... ;o)
Sending I2C data through the PiBorg library would also be a way although I wonder if that will cover the requirements of all customers...

All in all it seems like a really implessive board you guys have designed.

Being new to this, I'm pretty confused as to what componets I need. Can you provide the part numbers for all the componets for the picture on the home page? That would help alot in figuring out what to do next.


The encoder counts are set in the software which runs on the Pi. You can also set up gear ratios, wheel sizes, PWM frequency etc. but as this is an open source project, you can configure it however you like!!!

Mathias, if you are just starting out and trying to find some motors you want to control, you need to think first how you will power it. If you are for example powering it from a 7.2V battery pack, you'll want a motor that is capable of running at 7.2V. If you want to control the position or the speed, you'll need feedback from an encoder. There are plenty of motors with encoders and gearboxes which would be very useful e.g. here http://www.active-robots.com/gear-motor-encoder.html

Oh and there are ADC's available - have a look at the schematic.

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