No Movement

I would like to know if I may have cooked the Pico board.

I had a student do some soldering for me (said he knew how) and he actually did a nice job but he wired the power supply backwards and I didn't notice until the unit got REALLY hot.

I unsoldered and re soldered the power supply but I get nothing from the unit. No movement, nothing. The Raspberry pie still works fine but there is not life to the robot.

Now it could be just that I have done something wrong with the scripts or the pico board is fried.


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It is possible you have fried the FET's (the smaller black devices of which there are 4), or it could be a fuse, supply or software problem.
If the FET's are dead, replacing them (or the picoBorg) is the only option.
In any case, let's go through a couple of diagnostic steps and if we can't get it working, we'll organise another to send out to you :)

There is a fuse on the PicoBorg. It's a surface mount device which looks a bit like a resistor and is right next to the V+ soldering connection. It's possible it is blown, if you have a multimeter, check resistance across it (it should be near 0 ohms)

Can you check if the I/O pins are turning on and off. Again if you have a multimeter, you could check these pins are going from 0 to 3.3V.

Or if you have another way of checking the I/O pins such as different add on board, this could be useful.

Are you moving a PiCy robot or different motors and is the supply a battery or a power pack?


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The fuse is running at a 2

Have not checked the pins yet

I have purchased a piborg kit from you good folks so these are your motors.

I am powering the Raspberry Pi with its own powersource

motors are powered with the battery pack you provided.

More than likely this is something I am doing wrong. Rather than the hardware.

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Sorry for the delay in checking the I/O pins. It looks as though the board is alive and well. So I am not sure what is going on. I have only just got back to the project so I will just keep on trying.

Keith Rispin

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