Wheel Tracking

So far my TurtleBorg project is progressing nicely and I've applied coding changes to refine equal wheel movement however I'm finding that achieving a good level of wheel tracking is difficult.

The plastic fittings between the wheel hubs and motor gearboxes wobble a bit, and over a timed distance of 5 seconds upwards I think its causing it to steer of course.

I'm reluctant to glue the wheels to the gearboxes as this is a one-chance fix.

Does anyone know of a suitable range of wheels which may have a stronger hub fixing?

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Hi Badgo,
Glueing the wheels to the gearbox shaft would be your best bet, but as you say, you only get one chance.
I found a different wheel on ebay which looks compatible -
Set of 4 Wheels For Arduino Uno R3 Raspberry Pi Smart Robot Car 53.5mm dia

It may not be any better, and it's even possible it won't fit, but there is a chance it might help you.

Thanks for the find. These look like they could be suitable as they have a reduced offset. I might give them a go and see what happens. I think fitting a hub screw should improve the fitting too.

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