Uninstall LedBorg


If we want or have to remove/uninstall LedBorg (its driver, components...), how can we do this?

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If you want to remove all traces of the driver / files you can do the following:

1. Remove the driver start-up task:
sudo update-rc.d ledborg.sh remove
sudo rm /etc/init.d/ledborg.sh
rm ~/ledborg_bootcolour

2. Remove the driver files:
sudo rmmod ledborg
rm ~/ledborg.ko
sudo rm /etc/udev/rules.d/20-ledborg.rules

3. Remove the GUI files:
rm ~/ledborg_gui
rm ~/ledborg_gui.ico
rm ~/Desktop/ledborg.desktop

4. Remove the install files and examples:
rm -r ~/ledborg-setup
you will need to remove any examples you downloaded separately, these will probably be found in
cd ~
if you downloaded and build from source you can remove the source files using
rm -r ~/ledborg-source

Thanks for your help and detailed replies.

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