Joystick Conpatability


I was thinking of using the Cyborg F.L.Y 5 or similar joystick with the Diablo or the PicoBorg Reverse which ever I pink in the end. can you tell me.
If the joystick in Compatible with the boards or is their any others that you know of that will work.
Also is their any steering wheel like the Logitech G27 that is compatible with the boards and the Pi.

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Are you intending to connect the joystick up to a Raspberry Pi or another computer?

The PicoBorg Reverse and Diablo both work using the I2C interface on the GPIO pins, they should not be incompatible with any joystick, gamepad, or steering wheel.

The script will only work with joysticks connected directly to the Raspberry Pi.
I am not sure if either of the controllers you mention will work plugged in to the Raspberry Pi itself, but it is fairly likely it would work.

There is a list of devices which people know work with the Raspberry Pi here:, it is a little short for joysticks which work though.
You might be better off asking about compatibility on one of the Raspberry Pi forums:

If you are connecting the joystick to a different computer and using Ethernet or WiFi to talk with the Raspberry Pi then the RemoteJoyBorg script can be taken and modified to transmit the actual joystick values and command a PicoBorg Reverse instead at the Raspberry Pi end.
If this is the case any joystick / steering wheel which works with the computer it is attached to should work fine with the modified script.

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