A case / enclosure to fit triborg + something with it


Looking to buy the triborg, so I can connect a few components to it roughly the size of the LedBorg. Looking for a case or some enclosure that'll be tall enough for the Triborg and not too expensive...

I saw this forum post about the LedBorg:
But with the TriBorg attached, it's going to be taller than that.


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Based on a TriBorg and an LedBorg you would need an extra 10mm of height inside the case compared to the USB sockets.

This case for should be large enough to house the extra height:

They have other colours as well: http://www.kiwi-electronics.eu/raspberry-pi/raspberry-pi-cases/camdenbos...

Lincoln Binns offer a great custom case service if you want a really special case:

If you wanted to get cables our of the case then this one might be better:

Here is a wooden case that would work if you want something a bit different:

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