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I purchased the Triborg, because I needed some more GPIO's for a summer project. I'm trying to refurbish an old arcade cabinet with controls and everything. The raspberry pi has a limited amount of GPIO's and I'm going to need 16+ pins for buttons. That's why I bought the Triborg.

I thought I was going to receive some schematics/guide to using the Triborg upon purchasing it. I cannot find anything on this website that explains how it works. I'm guessing that each GPIO header has this layout: http://blog.oscarliang.net/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/GPIOs.png I could really use as many pointers as you can possibly give :)

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The three headers on TriBorg are all linked to the same pins as the Raspberry Pi itself.

There is no software involved, the TriBorg does not provide any new GPIO pins, it simply allows multiple connections to the same pins.

This allows you to use multiple expansion boards which occupy the entire 26-pin header as long as they do not conflict which pins they need for GPIO without needing any special software of the Raspberry Pi to do it.

This does however mean that the pins on a TriBorg are not additional GPIO, you still only have 17 total GPIO pins on the Rev 2 and older Raspberry Pis.

To get more GPIO pins you can:

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