PicoBorg fails to power up the RPI

Hello all;

I have recently bought a PiCy robot.
Until now I have powered it using cable by the power connector in the RPI.
Today, I have tried to use two 1.5V AA batteries for powering the robot through the pins of the PicoBorg. Despite everything is perfectly soldered, nothing happends. The RPI does not boot up, neither any of the leds light on.
I have tested with other cables placing them as an alternative for the connector supplied with the same result.

I would appreciate a lot any kind of clue or help !!!

Thank you very much in advance,

Kind regards,


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The PicoBorg does not power the Raspberry Pi, you will need another power source for the Raspberry Pi itself.

To make PiCy run without a cable attaching him to the wall or a computer you will want a battery based power pack.
We suggest using a power bank which attaches to the micro USB connector, such as this:

Perfect... thanks a lot !!!

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