Battborg and HDMIPI


Trying to use the Battborg and 8 x 2900 mah Nimh AA batteries to power an HDMIPI screen but this setup doesn't seem to have enough power even without the PI attached to the screen.
The PI is supposed to draw 0.5A and the HDMIPI screen 1.0A therefore I assumed the Battborg would be suitable as it can supply 1.5A.
Any ideas?


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If you could answer a few of questions for us:

  1. Which model of Raspberry Pi are you using (they have different power requirements)?
  2. Do you have any other peripherals connected (e.g. WiFi)?
  3. Are you using the provided 8x AA holder and connection cable?

1. PI Model B Rev 1
2. Yes I had a wifi dongle connected.
3. Yes I'm using the provided AA holder.

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Having had a quick look at the HDMIPi users guide:

There would seem to be three problems with using the BattBorg to run with HMDIPi:

  1. The BattBorg powers the Raspberry Pi
    It looks like the power connection between the HDMIPi and Raspberry Pi is one-way (HDMIPi -> RPi)
  2. The HDMIPi power input states 5.2V
    The BattBorg provides the 5V which the Raspberry Pi needs, it may not be high enough for the HDMIPi
  3. At the bottom of page 8 it states that to power both a Raspberry Pi and the HDMIPi you need a 5.2V / 2A supply
    The BattBorg only supplies 1.5A which is below the 2A requirement

Unfortunately it sounds like BattBorg is unsuitable for use with the HDMIPi.

Ok, I had seen somewhere that that the PI required 0.5A and the HDMIPI 1.0A so I thought the 1.5A supplied by the Battborg would be enough, clearly not, never mind.

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