CPU % Usage Monitor with NEW drivers


I want to use LedBorg to monitor the percentage of CPU utilization. Has anyone made a script with the new LedBorg drivers to do this?

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You should be able to modify the how hot is my pi example, changing the position variable to use the psutil module instead.

Get the psutil module using:
sudo apt-get -y install python-psutil

The function we will need is:

Copy the HowHotIsMy.py script to a new name using:
cp HowHotIsMy.py CpuMonitor.py

Open up the CpuMonitor.py script in a text editor (such as nano).

Start by adding psutil to the import list:

# Import the library functions we need
import time
import wiringpi2 as wiringpi
import psutil

# Setup the LedBorg GPIO pins

Next remove all of the old setup values (lines 33-36), which we do not need any more:

# A function to turn the LedBorg off
def LedBorgOff():
    SetLedBorg(0, 0, 0)

# Setup for processor monitor
pathSensor = '/sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp'    # ...
readingPrintMultiplier = 0.001                          # ...
tempHigh = 60000                                        # ...
tempLow = 30000                                         # ...
interval = 1                                            # ...


Now remove lines 36 to 38, they simply handle the settings:

    # Make sure we are using floats
    tempHigh = float(tempHigh)
    tempLow = float(tempLow)
    while True:

Next remove the old value reading code (lines 37-40) and the old level calculation (lines 41 & 42):

    while True:
        # Read the temperature in from the file system
        fSensor = open(pathSensor, 'r')
        reading = float(fSensor.read())
        # Pick the relevant colour
        position = (reading - tempLow) / (tempHigh - tempLow)
        if position < 0.0:

Nest we need to use the psutil.cpu_percent() reading by inserting a new calculation where the old one was:

    while True:
        # Read the CPU usage
        reading = psutil.cpu_percent()
        position = reading / 100.0
        if position < 0.0:

Finally change the print statement on line 63 to make more sense:

        SetLedBorg(red, green, blue)
        # Print the latest reading
        print '%01.0f %%' % (reading)
        # Wait a while

Save the file and close it, you can then run it with:
sudo ./CpuMonitor.py

If you want the CPU monitor to refresh more quickly, reduce the value on line 33.

I made the changes mentioned and everything works perfectly.
Now I will try to increase the spectrum of colors by adding intermediary parameters with "if position"

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