Multiple Triborgs

Hey guys,

Is there any reason that you couldn't add a second TriBorg? So I guess you'd end up with a sort of... QuintBorg...?

My current project has a PicoBorg Reverse, XLoBorg, and a PicoBorg (Type R, just FYI.) I intend to add a Teensy 3.1 to it via I2C to control a number of analog sensors, and I'm just trying to determine the best way to go about doing this.

I know there is another I2C bus I can use on the Pi by soldering pins to it, but I'm hesitant to go that route if there is another, simpler option. I'm also considering replacing some of the pins on the XLoBorg with long pins and basically turn it into a stackable header (that would be a neat feature for all of your I2C boards BTW guys.)

I could just make a little PCB and use it as a sort of breakout board of my own that branches off the I2C pins with multiple connectors, but space is going to be running at a premium inside the torso cavity of Mr. Sudo-Bot.

There is one real advantage to using a second TriBorg though: LEDBorg!

Any thoughts or suggestions are more than welcome!

--Cody E.

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In theory you can stack as many TriBorgs as you like.
The problem is getting them mechanically stable.

I would suggest getting some kind of post to go between the mounting hole on the second TriBorg and part of the robot chassis.

It sounds like Sudo-Bot is going to be packed with lots of technology in a small space ^_^

Thanks, I'll weigh my options and decide if I need to order another TriBorg (or three!) I do have several Raspberry Pis after all. ;)

But yes, Sudo-Bot is getting rather loaded up. As a bot with the primary purpose of demonstration at our Raspberry Jams, I want him to be able to really impress people with what he can do. There are some very high-tech companies in the valley here (Autonomous Solutions for one) and thus some rather tech savvy individuals attend our events..... it takes a lot to impress them. :D

Besides, I don't do anything with half measures. This little guy really is the culmination of many smaller projects coming together after roughly two years of tinkering; I finally have enough resources gathered to really bring them together into a single system.

Once I get a bit further along, I will post a build blog and keep it somewhat updated. Until then, you can somewhat keep track of things here:

On a small side-note, you shared an article yesterday I believe about using a PS3 controller to drive DiddyBorg. Utilizing the code in my sudobot repo linked above and my Node.js picoborgrev module, it is a very simple matter to drive a Pico Borg Reverse with a wireless XBox 360 controller (or even a hard-wired one.) If there is any sort of demand for it, I could easily write up a tutorial and break out the code to control DiddyBorg with the XBox 360 controller.

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