Using a battbog to power a PiBorg and RPi B+



I have a RPi B+ and a PiBorg motor controller and a Battborg.

I'm wondering if I can place the PiBorg motor controll ontop of the RPi, then solder some extensions ontop of the motor controller and then place the battborg there?

Will it be enough to power both - without sending too much v/a into it?

Thanks for your response!

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I presume the motor controller you are using is a PicoBorg.

You should be able to solder some extensions to the first six pins on the PicoBorg and connect the BattBorg to those.
Make sure the extensions are long enough that the BattBorg is not touching any of the components on the PicoBorg when connected.

You will need to connect your battery pack to both the BattBorg V+ / GND and the PicoBorg V+ / GND in order to power the Raspberry Pi and motors from the same battery pack.
The BattBorg will only power the 5v pin, it will provide enough current to operate the Raspberry Pi and the PicoBorg, but the motors will be powered directly from the batteries.

Make sure you connect the BattBorg the correct way around, the pin marked 1 should match pin 1 on the Raspberry Pi.

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