Battborg + Piups


Im working out what i need to get together to put together a rpi laptop and am debating different power options. I really like the Battborg as the solution to convert the battery to the what the pi needs. I was also thinking about using a Piups to do a safe shutdown when the pi gets low and as a backup to the main battery and was curious if the Battborg could power the Piups pin?

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The BattBorg could be used to provide the normal 5v supply that the Pi UPS passes on to the Raspberry Pi, but there is a catch.

In order for the BattBorg to be connected to the Pi UPS it would need to be connected using a USB micro connector.

This would require buying a USB micro cable, cutting it open at the large end and connecting the 5v and GND wires on to the two pins from the six pin header.

The biggest problem is that it may not be clear which wires inside the cable are actually the correct ones.
Getting this wrong could damage both the Pi UPS and the Raspberry Pi.

It may be better to look for another device which already connects using the USB micro connector, or maybe asking the Pi UPS guys if there is an easy way to connect a power supply which normally uses the GPIO power pins.

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