BattBorg and Pi USB


I currently have a Pi with a Ciseco Slice of Pi board fitted. This means that the GPIO pins are not available to attach the BattBorg as normal.

I have a stripped down micro USB cable with the black and red wires exposed. Can I attach this to the BattBorg 5v output and power the Pi through the normal usb power?

I can't see why this is not a workable solution but just want to check.


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Yes, you should be able to connect the BattBorg to the USB micro connector in the way you describe above.

If they are using the standard cable colours they should be the following:

  • Red - 5V
  • White - Data -
  • Green - Data +
  • Black - GND

If that is the case you can connect the red cable to VIN and the black cable to GND in the picture attached to the bottom of this post.

If those are not the four colours they are using you should check if red and black are the correct connections before attaching them to the BattBorg.


Thanks, appreciate the help. The cable I am using does have red and black cores so all should be okay.

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