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Does this soldered Kit work or any battery pack? or is it specific to only 8x AA batteries.
I want to use a four pack of AA batteries to power my Pi and an audio card. 4 will supply sufficient power and amperage.


But does the soldered kit work for any battery pack?

Please, any input helps, need to order by today.
Thank you,


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No, the BattBorg needs at least 7V, 4xAA batteries will only supply 6V (only 4.8V for rechargeables).
You need at least 6, but even with 6 you won't use all the available power in the batteries before the voltage drops below the required 7V.
This is why we have used 8xAA's.

So using 6 AAs means i will have 9 volts. But using the battborg, the voltage will be dropped to the appropriate 5 volts to power and not damage the raspberry pi? is this correct?

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As long as the AAs are non-rechargeable then yes, 6 x 1.5v = 9v.

Since 9v is above the 7v minimum it will be enough that the BattBorg can supply a steady 5v to the Raspberry Pi.

Since 6x AAs does not exceed the 36v maximum then the BattBorg will not damage the Raspberry Pi by supplying too much power.

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