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Please post any examples you would like to share with other PicoBorg Reverse owners here :)

About 6 Months ago my brother-in-law asked me if I could help with a problem he had. He builds miniature fairground rides and wanted to make them a bit more realistic by having them slow down and speed up like the real ones. As you do, I said of course I would help thinking this would be a prefect opportunity to use my newly acquired raspberry pi. After an initial inspection of the rides, I set to work. It turned out to be quit a challenge in the end as I was having difficulties with the PWM control for more than 1 motor using the PI direct.
Enter the Picoborgrev, the board was just what I had been looking for. Multi motor control on a single board with PWM great. The only draw back (i didn't know Python) the code. After a quick course in python coding , I set up a test rigg and started work on the problem.
The setup so far consists of a home built power supply, this takes 240v and gives access to a range of DC voltages from 9 to 12v. From this we feed a 30v to 5v usb driver (this powers the Pi) and 2 Picobogrev boards.
The rides consist of a Cakewalk, FerrisWheel, Swing Boats, and a carousel. The requirement was to have the cake walk vary in speed but never stop, the other rides had to start, ramp up ,run for a period of time and the n ramp down to stop. All of this had to appear random .
The code is attached and uses threads to achieve the required results.
It is still a work in progress, and after testing this weekend, still has a few bugs which I will be ironing out over the next week or so.
Will Keep you posted


One of the issues I had was when I used the keyboard interrupt the rides did not always stop. This turned out to be a python threading issue . I have modified the code so that to checks a global variable and shuts down in a more civil manner. I will be fitting an emergency stop using the piborgs onboard capabilities , so we can stop rides should anything go wrong.


I'm building a robot and went with the PiBorg Reverse for the motor control. It was extremely easy to integrate with the serial port.

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