Huge gap between diablo and PicoBorg Reverse



Do you have plan to fill up the huge gap between Diablo and PicoBorg Reverse?
As I see Diablo can handle up to 55 A / Chanel.
while PicoBorg can hendle up to 5A / Chanel.

At my project the motors are pulling 7.5 A :S

Is there a plan to create more variations to this architecture?
Like 10 A, 20 A, etc / channel?


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In the short term no, we have other boards we are currently working on instead.
One of these will have a single channel capable of somewhere between 10 and 20 A, but the overall functionality of the board will be slightly different :)

In the future we are planning to bring out more motor controllers.
We have not decided on the exact specifications of these new boards though.

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