alternative to the Diabolo Motor-Controll


Hey PiBorg-team and user of the forum,

first of all i want to say that my english is probablly not the best, that you heard.

I want to build a Robot. The Robot shout be like the DoodleBorg. Now i need 3 of the Diabolo Motor-Controll, but there a out of Stock.

Do you have some alternatives to the Diabolo? Maybe the PicoBorg Reverse? (But the Picoborg are also out of Stock) :( or something else in the Word Wide Web.

Now my Queations:

1. When will the non-deliverable items be available again?

2. Can the Thunderborg board be used as an alternative to the Picoborg?

Happy weekend and best regards
Leo Bayer

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The good news is that we are working on an updated version of the Diablo which should be available early next year :)

ThunderBorg is a perfect replacement for PicoBorg Reverse, it is capable of the same amount of current at slightly higher voltages.

Ideally Diablo is a better fit than ThundeerBorg for making large robots like this. In the case of DoodleBorg the three Diablos make easy work of the motors. By comparison the six PicoBorg Reverses (one per motor!) were at their limit and would get hot when running.

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