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Ive been scratching my head for the last 5 hours trying to get the axisLeftRight to do anything with my PS4 controller using the diabloJoystick.py file

I have changed the axis reference to 3 as recommended in another post, but that dent do anything/ If I swap the axisUpDown from 1 to 3 and visa versa I still don't get any leftRight but I get UpDown on the right joystick by pushing left or right.... im quite baffled

this is what I have

also, can you remind me how to post code to the forum?


#!/usr/bin/env python
# coding: Latin-1
# Load library functions we want
import time
import os
import sys
import pygame
import Diablo
# Re-direct our output to standard error, we need to ignore standard out to hide some nasty print statements from pygame
sys.stdout = sys.stderr
# Setup the Diablo
DIABLO = Diablo.Diablo()
#DIABLO.i2cAddress = 0x44                  # Uncomment and change the value if you have changed the board address
if not DIABLO.foundChip:
    boards = Diablo.ScanForDiablo()
    if len(boards) == 0:
        print 'No Diablo found, check you are attached :)'
        print 'No Diablo at address %02X, but we did find boards:' % (DIABLO.i2cAddress)
        for board in boards:
            print '    %02X (%d)' % (board, board)
        print 'If you need to change the I�C address change the setup line so it is correct, e.g.'
        print 'DIABLO.i2cAddress = 0x%02X' % (boards[0])
#DIABLO.SetEpoIgnore(True)                 # Uncomment to disable EPO latch, needed if you do not have a switch / jumper
# Settings for the joystick
axisUpDown = 1                          # Joystick axis to read for up / down position
axisUpDownInverted = False              # Set this to True if up and down appear to be swapped
axisLeftRight = 3                       # Joystick axis to read for left / right position
axisLeftRightInverted = False           # Set this to True if left and right appear to be swapped
buttonResetEpo = 3                      # Joystick button number to perform an EPO reset (Start)
buttonFast = 6                         # Joystick button number for driving fast whilst held (L2)
slowFactor = 0.5                        # Speed to slow to when the drive fast button is not held, e.g. 0.5 would be half speed
buttonFastTurn = 7                      # Joystick button number for turning fast (R2)
interval = 0.00                         # Time between updates in seconds, smaller responds faster but uses more processor time
voltageIn = 1.2 * 6                    # Total battery voltage
voltageOut = 7.2 * 0.95                # Maximum motor voltage, we limit it to 95% to allow the RPi to get uninterrupted power
# Setup the power limits
if voltageOut > voltageIn:
    maxPower = 1.0
    maxPower = voltageOut / float(voltageIn)
# Setup pygame
os.environ["SDL_VIDEODRIVER"] = "dummy" # Removes the need to have a GUI window
joystick = pygame.joystick.Joystick(0)
    print 'Press CTRL+C to quit'
    driveLeft = 0.0
    driveRight = 0.0
    running = True
    hadEvent = False
    upDown = 0.0
    leftRight = 0.0
    # Loop indefinitely
    while running:
        # Get the latest events from the system
        hadEvent = False
        events = pygame.event.get()
        # Handle each event individually
        for event in events:
            if event.type == pygame.QUIT:
                # User exit
                running = False
            elif event.type == pygame.JOYBUTTONDOWN:
                # A button on the joystick just got pushed down
                hadEvent = True
            elif event.type == pygame.JOYAXISMOTION:
                # A joystick has been moved
                hadEvent = True
            if hadEvent:
                # Read axis positions (-1 to +1)
                if axisUpDownInverted:
                    upDown = -joystick.get_axis(axisUpDown)
                    upDown = joystick.get_axis(axisUpDown)
                if axisLeftRightInverted:
                    leftRight = -joystick.get_axis(axisLeftRight)
                    leftRight = joystick.get_axis(axisLeftRight)
                # Apply steering speeds
                if not joystick.get_button(buttonFastTurn):
                    leftRight *= 0.5
                # Determine the drive power levels
                driveLeft = -upDown
                driveRight = -upDown
                if leftRight < -0.05:
                    # Turning left
                    driveLeft *= 1.0 + (2.0 * leftRight)
                elif leftRight > 0.05:
                    # Turning right
                    driveRight *= 1.0 - (2.0 * leftRight)
                # Check for button presses
                if joystick.get_button(buttonResetEpo):
                if not joystick.get_button(buttonFast):
                    driveLeft *= slowFactor
                    driveRight *= slowFactor
                # Set the motors to the new speeds
        # Wait for the interval period
    # Disable all drives
except KeyboardInterrupt:
    # CTRL+C exit, disable all drives


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This might just be a misunderstanding of how the controls work. To turn left with the robot you will need to both push the left stick up to set the speed and move the right stick towards the left to control the steering at the same time.

To post code on the forum use <pre> above the code and </pre> below it. You can get the python colour highlighting by replacing the first one with <pre class="brush: python"> :)

Awesome, thank
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