Hello I have just bought my Diable Motor controller and I am looking to connect it all up.
A Battery pack, Raspberry Pi 3, BattBorg, UltraBorg, and Diablo, with RasPi Cam, 4 number servos and 4 ultrasound sensors.
Am I right in saying that the Diablo connection to the Raspberry Pi needs all six pins, so also does the ultraBorg?
That means the BattBorg cannot be connected directly to the Raspberry Pi.
Instead connect it to the spare 6-pin header on the Diablo? Will it power the pi in that way?
Can you please advice the best way to connect these lots

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Unfortunately a single BattBorg will not be enough to power all of those devices at the same time. I would recommend using either a second BattBorg or a UBEC to provide the 5V supply for the servos.

The easiest way to connect the BattBorg would be to mount the BattBorg upside down on the 6-pin daisy-chain connector of the UltraBorg. There is a mounting hole in the middle of the UltraBorg that will line up with the one on the BattBorg that can be used with the mounting post.

I do not have any images handy, but it works the same as when fitted on a PicoBorg Reverse:

The connections to the Raspberry Pi can then be connected as follows:

  1. Raspberry Pi GPIO to the Diablo 6-pin connector
  2. UltraBorg 6-pin connector to the Diablo 6-pin daisy-chain connector
  3. Remove the "5V-link" jumper in the middle of the UltraBorg
  4. Connect the servos and ultrasonic sensors to the UltraBorg
  5. Connect the 5V output from either a second BattBorg or UBEC to the 5V screw terminals on the UltraBorg

With that arrangement the main BattBorg will power all of the boards and devices connected to the Raspberry Pi. The second BattBorg or UBEC will power the servos and ultrasonic sensors separately. They can both be connected to the same battery pack :)

Many thanks!

I have attached a rough sketch of what I believe is your explanation of all the connections.
Please kindly comment on it.

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Your diagram is correct :)

BattBorg 1 will power the UltraBorg, Diablo, and Raspberry Pi.
BattBorg 2 will power the servos and ultrasonic sensors.

The 5V and 0V connections for BattBorg 2 are shown below.


Many thanks!

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